Knight and Day Film Review
June 23, 2010

Knight and Day Poster

Knight and Day (2010) film review

Rick’s grade: 4 out of 10


Bear with me for a minute while I talk about dinner. Trust me, it’s relevant.

Tuesday was a busy day. I was racing around to get everything done before meeting up with my buddy Christian Toto for the Knight and Day screening in downtown Denver. (You can find Christian’s review here.)

The YMCA where I exercise is just a few blocks from the theater. I got my workout in, but I only had a few minutes to eat before the movie. So I popped into the Taco Bell down the street, got two Beefy 5-layer burritos and ate them as I  walked to the theater.

Now, Taco Bell’s Beefy 5-layer burrito is a glorious thing. It’s 89 cents, which is awesome. It’s incredibly filling, which is awesome. And here’s the thing: It actually tastes pretty damn good. So even though I figured they’d be rotting in my colon until the day I die, at the time I was pretty damn happy with those two 5-layer burritos.

A few hours later, however, I was regretting those burritos. Yummy as they were at the time, they left me feeling rather sick and bloated. My cholesterol probably hiked up about 50 points, matched only by my blood pressure. All of the good work I did at the Y, destroyed in one beefy, cheesy swoop.

Which brings us to Knight and Day, the Taco Bell 5-layer burrito of the 2010 summer movie season.

Actually, the metaphor doesn’t quite hold true — the 5-layer burrito is less than a buck, whereas you’ll be paying around 10 bucks for this action comedy starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It would be a lot more palatable at 98 cents.



Son of the Mask review 
May 2, 2010

Son of the Mask DVD cover

That dog's just praying Animal Control comes around soon.

(Originally published February 17, 2005)

Finally, after a month of tepid horror flicks (White Noise, Hide and Seek, Boogeyman) we finally have a true terror classic. Son of the Mask is sure to horrify adults and kids alike.

Take, for instance, the scene when bleary-eyed new daddy Tim Avery (Jamie Kennedy) comes within inches of feeding his baby son a broken light bulb. Brilliantly shocking!

Then there’s that bit when Avery mistakes his wife for the film’s villain and attacks her, slamming her to the floor and beginning to throttle her. Move over, Raging Bull! Truly chilling stuff! (more…)