About Rick Gershman

I’m Rick Gershman, a Denver-based freelance writer/editor and the Creative Director at We Write For You, LLC (wewriteforyou.com). In addition to my creative pursuits, I write for newspapers and magazines, do copywriting and ghostwriting, and edit everything from doctoral dissertations to technical manuals.

Interested in using my skills? Feel free to email me anytime at rickgershman@gmail.com or call me at (720) 339-8208. You can also learn more about me here.


One Response

  1. Hi Rick,
    Not sure if you are the same RG that writes for Lifezette, but I assume you are. Spot on with your top 7 sports talkers. Growing up in LA you left Vin Scully and Chick Hearn off the list, but they were mostly local…so I’ll give you a pass. Interesting that Enberg and Michaels got their start doing local UCLA basketball broadcasts…good steppingstone.
    Especially on the mark with Collinsworth. He has that smarty pants thing going, but he is very insightful and brave. Did a great job with Beckham’s catch. Almost undersold it…let us come to the obvious conclusion. Mike Boyd, Tucson.

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