Yep, this is just another of my regular, like-clockwork posts, those things I do all the time here at my blog.

Adam Penenberg seems like a perfectly nice guy, and we had a good discussion several months ago when the Fast Company contributor agreed to do a “crowdsourced” column about Servio, a crowdsourcing company I do some work for. I ended up doing some editing on the column and a few interviews. I don’t know that the Servio honchos will be doing backflips over the end result, which finally published today, but you know what they say about any news being good news. I mean, if they still say that. Whoever they are. But I digress.

Carmelo Anthony with a Panda on His Lap

LeBron James since has followed suit with his own panda-lap pic, but it just doesn't have the same effect. I mean, look at the face Melo is giving us here, then look at the panda. It's brilliant. Too little, too late, LeBron.

Regardless, the one thing I’ll take Adam to task for is not telling me my name in the online version of his column would be linked to this blog, though I guess that makes more sense than this, or this, or Carmelo Anthony with a panda on his lap. I mean, I wake up at the crack of 10:34 and realize, hell, that Fast Company piece finally ran, there’s a link to the blog, and I’d damn well better get a new post up.

The least Adam could have done was give me a heads-up, seeing as I haven’t updated this blog since something like 1978. Hey, I’ve been busy. I’ve been editing a book. I’ve been ghostwriting a novel. I’ve been working on my own novel. And I’ve had to assist a highly dangerous avian force in a rescue mission to retrieve their progeny from a group of swine—with no more than a slingshot at my disposal. It’s been a jam-packed year.

So if you happened to get here from the Fast Company column, yeah, this post appears because I thought it would be good to get something up. And I suppose I actually should thank Adam for prompting me to do so. Now, considering the unexpected effort I’ve had to put forth before noon, I’m going back to bed.


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